Download the application from Apple store or Google play. IT WORKS OFFLINE!


The app display’s all the phone numbers of all the businesses that are located in Achrafieh.


The app points out the exact location of the businesses that are located in Achrafieh.

Works offline

The app directory works offline, all the phone numbers are stored on the app once downloaded.

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The easyguide app contains most of the restaurants delivery menus under the “Delivery” category.

Useful links

All the businesses listed in the app are accompanied by useful links such as websites and Facebook pages.

Sale / Promo

Save money by finding in the app the shops that are on sale or that have special offers.



Easyguide, Since 1999

Easyguide is not just a new app launched into the Lebanese market, we've been there since 1999. Like every other directory, easyguide started with a printed hardcopy and thanks to our loyal sponsors support, we still issue the hardcopy once a year. The easyguide app is an adaptation of the original easyguide book made to make every Lebanese user day easier, whether he's looking for a phone number or a useful online business information. The application and the hardcopy are provided to all the users for free since 1999 and we intend to keep it that way! Isn't great? All those who are up-to-date with technology can use the easyguide application and all those who still love to feel and smell paper still have the easyguide hardcopy to explore.


Frequent questions

What is easyguide?

Easyguide is phone directory that was created in 1999. Its purpose is to help making every Lebanese/tourist day easier by providing all the businesses phone numbers and useful information to the users for free. (ex: restaurants, pubs, laundries…)

How can I add my business on the app?

It’s easy, if you own a business in Achrafieh and would like to add it into easyguide, you can either call us or send us an email by using the contact information listed in the Contact us section below.

Does easyguide covers all Lebanon?

Unfortunately, easyguide does not cover all Lebanon like it use to between 1999 and 2006. After the 2006 war, easyguide limited its coverage and focused on Achrafieh only, but we are currently working on expanding the coverage again.

How does easyguide collect information?

You can call us old school, but we still go door to door and ask for the business cards directly from the business owner. This way we won’t be wasting anybody’s time and money and we’ll be sure that the information we are displaying to our users is correct.

You have questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions regarding: adding your business into the easyguide app, the advertising plans we offer or any other question you have in mind. We’ll be happy to answer you.